Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cats vs Dogs


Tanah Lot (and beyond...)

From Canggu Beach, our next destination is Tanah Lot.. since it's near Canggu area. Actually we have no idea where our next destination, we just want to spend our holiday time together.. well I always think that doing something unplanned is kind of an adventure hahaha.. so there we are, arrived in Tanah Lot.. with a lot of people also there. We went to see the temple and the place where the holy snake lies..
The Tanah Lot Temple

Under the temple there is a small cave

Inside the small cave is a holy spring water, wanna try?

Another view of the temple
Yeah, maybe there is not much that we can see in Tanah Lot, so we decided to take a walk to an 'unchartered' part of Tanah Lot.. the other side of the rocky beaches on the left of the temple.
You see the upper right part of the cliff? we went there :D

On top of the cliff, watching at the ocean

The wave is big..

The other part of Tanah Lot from the cliff

You see the left corner of the cliff, near the ocean? That's the Tanah Lot temple I spoke before
From that cliff, we went to another place.. well, you can say we do a trespassing to a great hotel right on top of that cliff hahaha.. sorry, can't give you the details and the picture of the hotel here :p But I tell you, it's a great hotel..

Canggu Beach

Last week, me and my friends are going to some hidden beach in Canggu area in West Bali. The road to the place is not so big, and the area is quite secluded, not many people there (if you compare it to Kuta beach). Here is some snapshot about the beach (Echo Canggu Beach if I'm not mistaken).
View from the platform

Rocky beach, but great waves

You can walk and find fishes on the beach

On the beach, rocky but not dirty

A river that ends on the beach

Kinda looks scary if you see the waves it created

Cafe and resto on the platform near the beach

View to the parking area
As you can see, maybe it's not a good beach if you want to play in the sand or swimming, but it's definitely a good place to surf (judging from the waves). When I got there, unfortunately the weather is not too good, but you can get the picture of the beach anyway ;) Maybe if the weather is nice, you can have a good sunset view too from here..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unfortunately, life must go on..

Sometimes life sucks, and I admit it. Have you ever like/love someone that you know you can't have? The feeling kinda sucks right? Your brain tells you reasons why you can't be with that someone, but your heart is the exact opposite, always wants to be together no matter what. Well, that sums up what I'm feeling right now, it's always about a girl anyway :p Haiizz.. maybe I should move on anyway rather than being a wall in her relationship with other people. Is it hurt? Hell yeah it's hurt, seeing the one you like going out with others instead of you.. but I guess I must endure the pain anyway, it's my life, it's my decision, I guess I'll have to face the consequences.

You love someone when you want them to be happy even if their happiness means that you're not a part of it.
-PJ O'Rourke-

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Point a.k.a. Suluban beach

Tanpa basa basi langsung saja saya tampilkan gambarnya :D

Tempatnya sendiri tidak jauh dari pantai Padang-Padang.. dan kondisi pantainya itu pantai berkarang.. jadi kita bisa jalan sampe ke tengah di atas karang-karang tersebut.. Pantai ini terkenal karena ombaknya yang biasa digunakan untuk selancar/surfing. Bagus kan pantainya? :) kapan-kapan saya akan upload lagi hasil foto jalan-jalan di Bali..